The power of Storytelling

It has been a while since I wrote something, I promised myself in my last job that I have to to keep learning to write and illustrate continually.

I’ve been quiet on my side (medium), but I have been writing stories and saying stories from time to time, and it was an exciting opportunity for myself. Having tried storytelling myself, the process was, and it was not as nerve wrecking and hard as for how people put it. Sometimes, people tends to overthink about the story, but the story is the easy part, the hard part is laying out and researching all possibilities.

It is always on the agenda of a meeting to deliver the business scopes, the numbers and specs. Which a lot turns out to be dull and boring no matter how hard people “illustrate” it with pretty icons. But let us face it, that is work, and we have to do it. But, since we are UX designers, we have the excellent opportunity to touch on some non-dull and exciting things like app introduction, service design user journey, project scenarios and so on. But interestingly enough, when we are in a corporate — especially one that is located in a more traditional community. Things tend to go with a more natural and more comfortable method.

One interesting thing about the procedure we have here, we have non-designers present and “engage” new users onboard. — Change management.

Anyways, back to the topic to how we should help illustrate the story. People tend to walk the audience through an app or service base on the feature and operations. No context of a situational context. Let me walk through an example of a service role that could emerge to a retail

This is a story of Sally and her day to day interactions with the customer and other staffs in the store.

Through this method, our audience shows more engagement, situation and new service call out to them to what they need, and what others can benefit from it.

All writings are from my personal experience, and I am writing in hope to share with some fellow designers out there :D feel free to contact me and I would love to chat, on what you have encountered too!

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