Keep Exploring

The power of curiosity

Last time I mentioned about not getting too comfortable in an environment, and keep exploring yourself while improving on your expertise. I would like to highlight on how it should apply to not only in our daily working routine but also to our life ( or career ).

Last night, I was talking to a friend about updating my LinkedIn profile. He gave me a grin, and an “I knew it” face on him and said: “ I guess you are not enjoying your work eh.”

From that statement, I sensed that he (or maybe a lot of other people) might think the same thing when I update my profile. Then I start reflecting that if it is true that I start updating my LinkedIn because

  1. Am I ready to leave my current job and to seek for a new opportunity?
  2. Am I already fed up with the corporate life three weeks in it?
  3. Am I showing my colleagues that I do not have the integrity to stay?
  4. Why is this the assumption of everyone else when you start looking for jobs or applying for new roles?

I realized that all that is irrelevant to why you should update your LinkedIn. I am updating my LinkedIn to keep myself up to date within the community. I think it is a good habit to keep because from that you would know, what is the demand in the market and in what area you should work on to void the gap between that and your work. If we encounter any interview opportunities, we should keep an open mind and check out and learn from each experience.