How to work around as the only designer

To achieve our goal and or to do our research, we need to be empathetic

Why not start with the team. People might be intimidated by your title because you are a "designer" or may not understand what your exact job nature is.

As a junior, it is hard to show my value to the corporate or to others around. Questions like:

  1. You are just a junior, why should we listen to you
  2. Why you are the only one within an 80+ headcount department. with this title

Instead of being sad, we should find a solution to this problem. 

What can we do, to show others your value

  • Be clear and "educate," people around you tell them your job nature 
  • Be emphatic about others
  • let others know how you can help them grow too 
  • Be very transparent about your process 
  • Let others know your process and how you do your job
  • Everyone can take part in your process

I realized the standard issue in working at an Asia culture, is that people are not that open to share their skills. I asked around, and most of them are afraid that you are trying to replace them.

Due to job security reason, they tend to hide behind the problem and not willing to share their talents and work with one another. This is an issue because it stops people from growing and learning, and we all know that developing individually can only push you to a certain extent.  

I am currently experimenting a new workflow, where, when I pitch my idea or solution to a problem. I spent a little extra time to "educate" the team first about how I work my job. I start doing my user research with people from others and get their feedback. While at it, I let them know how and what is the purpose of this testing. 

Instead of staying comfortably in your comfort zone, we should own up to this title, and be not afraid, take up the responsibilities and ownership of our projects. When done with care and courage, we will soon achieve that recognition we are looking for.