Eat that Frog

Quit whining and start doing

I read this book a few years ago about stopping procrastination. The author interestingly referenced the scenario of crossing off the to-do list by working on the toughest one first to EAT THAT FROG.

Personally, I hate writing, because I am never comfortable with my words. But as mentioned in the previous chapter, we need to keep track and be aware of the market trends and requirements at all time. In my spare time, while I work on microsites for my clients, I realise that having this writing or content skill up my sleeve will be a suitable approach. Therefore, I have decided to give in some time to write more often. And to share more and ask more about the writing style and the tone of voice.


Same applies to practicing your main-stream skill set. I profession in interface and digital design. Therefore, focusing on creating more quick and dirty illustration or graphics each day to practice my skills. Do not get lazy, keep moving forward and keep growing!